There will be played with the DBBF/FIBA-rules, with the following notes:

The tournament:

The teams play in groups of 4 – 6 teams, in which all teams meet each other.

No. 1 and 2 from each group move on to the A-final-round, and the rest move on to the B-final-round.

The final-rounds will be played by the cup-system, which means that the loser is out.


Group-winner: Is found by:

  1. Number of game-points.
  2. Mutual games between the teams with equal points.
  3. Most scored points in all games.

Draw game:

  • Group will play sudden death.
  • In the final-rounds extra periods of 2 minutes will be played.
  • At a draw the game is re-started by tip-off.


All games are played 2×15 minutes – running time, however the last 3 minutes of the 2nd half is played with the normal time.

The time is stopped at free throws and a players 4th foul.



Each team has one time-out in each half.


24 sek.

Referees decision.



Not later than 10 minutes before the start of the game all players must be written in the game protocol.

Overrun can result in a 0 – 20 defeat.


Number of players:

Only 12 players can be used in each game.

Only the players who are on the team-list at the begining of the Limfjords-cup can be used.

Each player can play on two teams, but not in a younger age group, and not at two team in the same age-group.



Each player can only make 4 fouls.

A team can make 7 team-faults. Following fouls will give the other team free-throws.



Can be made at all times during the game, but  there can never be more than 5 players on the court at the time.


Extra shirts:

The first team in the program must change shirts in case of matching colors.



Protest must be reported to the referee immediately after the offence, and given to the tournament-office at the Idreatscenter, one hour at the latest after the game. There will be a 500 Dkr. fee, which will be paid back if the jury take account of the protest.



The U11 and U12 tournaments will be played with mini balls (size 5).

U14 Boys and all Women group from U13 will be played with womens balls (size 6).

All Mens groups from U15 will be played with senior balls (size 7).


Additional rules for U13 / U14:

Only man-to-man defence is allowed. Traps are allowed.

Help defence is allowed.

If a team lead with 25+ point it is not allowed to make press defence


Additional rules for U12:

All mini-games will be played on low baskets.

Games are played 5 on 5 players.

Only man-to-man defence is allowed, and it is not allowed to use traps.

Help defence is allowed, but two defenders cannot guard the same offensive player.

If a team lead with 25+ point it is not allowed to make press defence

The back court rule will not be in use.

3-point is possible, but from a closer line.

Free-throws are taken 1 meter closer than normal.

The 3 second rule is used, but with 5 seconds allowed.

The no-charge-zone is used.

It is allowed to use screens.

It is not allowed to take the ball out of the hands of an opponent player holding the ball.


Additional rules for U11

Same rules as U12

Games are played 4 vs 4, (The teams can agree to play 5 vs 5)