Update Limfjords-Cup 2021

Registration for Limfjords-Cup 2021 has started and we are happy to see a lot of interest from both clubs who has been here many times, and new clubs who consider to join us. We look forward to see all teams back in Lemvig to take up the tradition of Limfjords-Cup again.

We receive of cause a lot of questions about Covid-19. At the moment there are no restrictions in Denmark, so we hope to run the tournament as close to normal as possible. We do consider to make a few ajustments, and we follow the situation very careful. We will of cause follow all recommendations from the Dansih authorities to run a safe tournament. Our basic recommendation is that all participants get vaccinated before the tournament and make additional test up to the tournament. In Denmark it is only possible to get PCR-tests at the moment, and with time of answers it is only of limited use during the tournament. We will continue to bring updates about the situation in Denmark, and advise to follow all local advise about travelling.