Limfjords-Cup 2021 is cancelled

To clubs and referees in Limfjords-cup 2021

The club commitee of Lemvig Basket has decided to cancel Limfjords-Cup 2021. It has been a very difficult decision, which is taken with a lot of regret.

The decision is based on the development of the corona virus over the last weeks. High numbers of positive tests and the new variation has made it difficult to organize a tournament with 1000 people. It has been important to have the safety for participants and staff in mind, but the latest advice and the unsure situation for the coming weeks has made it impossible for us to find a way to run the tournament.

We know that a lot of people has looked forward to a good time in Lemvig with basketball and social life. At the same time, we hear a lot of concern from both clubs and staff. Some clubs have already decided to resign, and more consider to do the same. Based on this, we feel it is the right decision to cancel the tournament.

The decision is made now with both clubs, our staff and our suppliers in mind. The alternative would be a risk of a cancellation at the last moment based on the development we see. We hope you understand and support our decision.

Clubs who already made payment, will of cause have the money back as soon as possible. We will ask you to send us information about the account we can repay the amount to.

We already look forward to 2022, and hope to see you in Lemvig for the Limfjords-Cup 2022.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



René Jakobsen