Limfjords-Cup 2020

Limfjords-Cup 2020 will be open for registration again like normal.

But many other things not normal because of rules and restrictions based on the situation with Corona. We follow the situation very closely, and in Denmark we expect to get new adjustments at the end of October.

The situation require a lot of flexibility and understand from all parts in the clubs and tournament organisation. We hope of cause we will be able to run the tournament with as many teams as possible, and under as normal conditions as possible. But we must expect something to be different.

We have decided to open the registration with the following conditions and adjustments:
- Last day of registration will be November 10th.
- Payment of both team-fee and cup-passes will be due December 1st
- Teams who cancel to participate because of Corona in the squad will have a refund on the following terms:
         Before Dec. 15th = 90% refund
         After Dec. 15th = 75% refund
- If the tournament is cancelled teams will get a 100% refund.
- If restrictions in Denmark or home country keep teams from arriving they will get a 100% refund.
- We keep the option open to cancel some age-groups or combine age-groups.
- It might be needed to put a limit of teams in each age-group.

It is of cause very uncertain how the situation develops, but we hope very much it will be possible to host Limfjords-Cup 2020, and continue the tradition of meeting for basketball and friendship in Lemvig.